Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gold Stocks

Hey p-boy wake the **&k up

Get me some gin and juice. Stop
top dreaming and come get these gold stocks!

Gold stocks?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dark Shades and Baseball Cap

Get it now!

Wearing dark shades and a baseball cap, she enters the building yelling:
"You better recognize!!" 

While I was in college, I learned how to become a songwriter and recording artists. I ultimately graduated with an accounting degree. I use my creative side to balance my analytical side but this would not have been possible had I not learned and perfected the technology to unleash my creativity. I believe everyone can be creative. Even you ...

Episode 8: Dark Shades and Baseball cap

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

OMG! New "Gold" Discoveries: Seattle Based Company Strikes Gold based on...

Happy EarthDay2017

#Happy #EarthDay2017 We all share this #Blue #Planet If this image does not humble you, then you are probably from #Saturn
That little blue spot on the tip of the arrow is #Earth as seen from #Saturn
Image courtesy of NASA

#Happy #EarthDay2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

OMG! New "Venture" Expo Discovers Amazing Entrepreneurs at University of...

New Venture Discoveries from the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida USA! WoW! OMG! 4/14/2017 These entrepreneurs are already winners! Are you excited about these announcements?
Here they are:
1. Unimates ** Featured on Podcast Episode
2. SpecialTea ** Featured on Podcast Episdoe***
3. CareFull Catch
4. ConnectGo - ***Honorable Mention*** Better than EventBrite and MeetUp
5. Skinny Skiffs
6. LeadLab
7. Hannahsshoebox
8. Homey
9. KeefStree
10. Smart Cookie
11. University Limo
12. Woolly
13. Kef Shawarma
14. Zuloc
This episode showcases two of the companies: Overall social media winner Unimates and my favorite food discovery SpecialTea!
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What about these "discoveries"?
Perhaps they already know something or two about entrepreneurship you'd like to share with the new ventures. What do you think?
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