Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ambient Hip Hop and Dance Podcast

Welcome to another special mix of Hangout Corporation Podcast featuring some of the best dance artists from Chicago, Seattle, New York, California and Australia.

DJ 1PH begins the set with "Bounce It Up." Check that out in addition to I want To Be with You Tonight both available on iTunes.

Plus, check out Lachi, Makers of Sense, Argotech, Durojaiye Versatile and Henry Locke. Look for new albums from Lachi and Keyrei. This episode is brought to you by HangoutSpace|Listen, share and relax among friends.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hangout Summer of Decadence Podcast

Hey, it summer time and Hangout's got the fun. Check this! Bignic is in this mix, Analytical Divinity is in this mix, Rick Rozay is in this mix. Can't forget my bwoy Kanye West in the mix. Huh! Shaggy is in the mix. Gyptian is in the mix. DJ 1ph is in the mix. DJ Tone is in the mix. Rotimi is in th mix. Tone Loc is in the mix. Khalid Rivera is in the mix. Zane is in the mix. Shawty Lo is in the mix. Thugged Out is in the mix. Slim Thug is in the mix. Isaac Hayes is in the mix. Willie J.M. is in the mix. Rudies is in the mix. What! Holla at ya bwoy! Let's goooo! Hangout Summer of Decadence Podcast. Brought to you by HangoutSpace|Listen, share and relax among friends.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Freedom 2010: 4th of July Weekend Party!

Happy July the 4th weekend. Reflect, relax and recharge with this exclusive freedom 2010 podcast featuring Vince, Elaine Faye, Shaggy & Alaine, DJnumone (aka 1% Hangout), L.C. ft. Donell Jones, Lil Jon ft. R. Kelly, Mario, Ricky Rozay, T.I. ft Keri Hilson, Mexican Institute of Sound, DJ Tone, Filip Filipi, Jovi Rockwell, Cashino and more! Brought to you by HangoutSpace| Listen, share and relax among friends.